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Uses of IServiceHandlerProvider in org.red5.server

Classes in org.red5.server that implement IServiceHandlerProvider
 class GlobalScope
          Global scope is a top level scope.
 class Scope
          The scope object.
 class WebScope
          Web scope is special scope that is aware of servlet context and represents scope of Red5 application in servlet container (or application server) like Tomcat, Jetty or JBoss.

Uses of IServiceHandlerProvider in org.red5.server.api

Subinterfaces of IServiceHandlerProvider in org.red5.server.api
 interface IGlobalScope
          The global scope that acts as root for all applications in a host.
 interface IScope
          The scope object.

Uses of IServiceHandlerProvider in org.red5.server.api.service

Methods in org.red5.server.api.service that return IServiceHandlerProvider
 IServiceHandlerProvider IServiceHandlerProviderAware.getServiceHandlerProvider()
          Return object that knows about service handlers.

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Subinterfaces of IServiceHandlerProvider in
 interface IClientSharedObject
          Clientside access to shared objects.
 interface ISharedObject
          Serverside access to shared objects.
 interface ISharedObjectBase
          Base interface for shared objects.
 interface ISharedObjectHandlerProvider
          Supports registration and lookup of shared object handlers.

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Classes in that implement IServiceHandlerProvider
 class ClientSharedObject
          Works with client-side shared object
 class SharedObjectScope
          Special scope for shared objects

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