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Packages that use IScopeHandler

Uses of IScopeHandler in org.red5.server

Classes in org.red5.server that implement IScopeHandler
 class CoreHandler
          Base IScopeHandler implementation

Methods in org.red5.server that return IScopeHandler
 IScopeHandler ScopeMBean.getHandler()
          Return scope handler or parent's scope handler if this scope doesn't have one
 IScopeHandler Scope.getHandler()
          Return scope handler or parent's scope handler if this scope doesn't have one
 IScopeHandler ContextMBean.lookupScopeHandler(String contextPath)
 IScopeHandler Context.lookupScopeHandler(String contextPath)
          Look up scope handler for context path

Methods in org.red5.server with parameters of type IScopeHandler
 void Scope.setHandler(IScopeHandler handler)
          Setter for scope event handler

Uses of IScopeHandler in org.red5.server.adapter

Classes in org.red5.server.adapter that implement IScopeHandler
 class AbstractScopeAdapter
          Base scope handler implementation.
 class ApplicationAdapter
          Base class for applications, takes care that callbacks are executed single-threaded.
 class MultiThreadedApplicationAdapter
          ApplicationAdapter class serves as a base class for your Red5 applications.
 class StatefulScopeWrappingAdapter
          StatefulScopeWrappingAdapter class wraps stateful IScope functionality.

Uses of IScopeHandler in org.red5.server.api

Methods in org.red5.server.api that return IScopeHandler
 IScopeHandler ScopeMBean.getHandler()
          Return handler of the scope
 IScopeHandler IScope.getHandler()
          Return handler of the scope
 IScopeHandler IContext.lookupScopeHandler(String path)
          Returns scope handler (object that handle all actions related to the scope) by path.

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Subinterfaces of IScopeHandler in
 interface IStreamAwareScopeHandler
          A scope handler that is stream aware.

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